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Rebecca is the go-to VISUAL PERSONAL BRANDING EXPERT for business owners who are the face of their business. She is the Founder of the Belle Creative Branding Agency, and a Premiere Personal Branding Mentor who leads Personal Branding training programs and delivers done-for-you branding packages.

“I help founders & entrepreneurs build status-elevating visual brands that help to build authority, increase revenue and impact niche networks”.

Residing in Sydney Australia, Rebecca is also a mum and multi business owner.


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I’ve created the ultimate digital guide to show you how to create a status elevating visual brand to grow your business and attract top paying clients. This comprehensive step by step process gives you over 100 tips to start your brand journey today!

Rebecca has helped me launch and grow my brand and the results have far exceeded what I had expected them to be.
— Sean Soole. Business Coach -

Why Rebecca?


Rebecca has run her own businesses from the age of 21. She’s not your average brand designer. As well as working on some of the worlds biggest corporate brands, she has also started 3 fitness businesses with her family and grown the personal brands of her team in order to grow the success of the business.

“When you work with Rebecca you don’t just get a designer, you are getting real, hands on experience from someone who has been building businesses for almost 2 decades. Rebecca gets it, because she’s been there and done the hard yards, so you don’t have to”.

~ Lisa Macqueen - Cleaning Marketer


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“Supermum Rebecca Flint shares her secret to managing two businesses and a young family”.

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